The Digital Virtual Smart Business Card, a Marketing “Machine” and an advancement in the way we do business.

Paper business cards are becoming a thing of the past, businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to take their business to the next level, NetVcard facilitates that next level. The recent pandemic has affected how we do business, most businesses are directly or indirectly affected by Covid-19. NetVcard is a sensible tool, especially during this period, it offers the latest technology in connectivity between businesses without contact.

Replacement of printed cards

NetVcard is an ideal replacement for printed business cards, all that lies between you and your customers or prospects is a click away. NetVcard offers an innovation that integrates a CONTACT-FREE Virtual Card with online marketing tools, allowing you to send most of your relevant information directly to your customers, with a simple click of a button.  NetVcard, is the new way businesses network and market their products and services.

Better than Paper Cards

NetVcard offers a better experience than the paper business card, it is more cost-effective and eco-friendly. About 88% of paper business cards end up lost or thrown away, but the NetVcard is right where you want it… saved in the receiver’s smartphone, tablet or computer, making it easy for them to find your contact details and connect with you when they want to.

NetVcard also makes your business look more professional and impressive.

Advanced Technology

With the world advancing technologically and everybody sticking to their screens, passing out paper business cards may soon look old-fashioned and not cool. NetVcard makes sharing of your business information fast, easy and Contact Free. It requires about 1.8 millions trees to be cut every year to print business cards, you’re also helping the earth with the NetVcard.

NetVcard = All-in-One Business Card. The One Card that Does it ALL No App Required

Paper business cards, brochures, flyers, newsletters, etc. are good but NetVcard is a preferred choice.  NetVcard is more than a business card, it is a gateway to your contact info, your website, brochure, flyer, promotions, location, video, and a whole lot more.

Why NetVcard

  • It creates a professional experience for your customers
  • Cost Effective and Eco Friendly
  • NetVcard is always available
  • Social Media Integration & Simple Easy Sharing
  • Intelligent, Interactive & Tracks your card movement
  • Multiple Delivery Options & Functional QR Code
  • Engage your customers with a direct online marketing
  • Unlimited Usage - Unlimited Updates
  • You never run out of cards again
  • Analytics & Address Locator
  • Real Time Updates No APP Required
  • Turns your Phone to a Marketing Tool
  • Increases your customer base
  • NetVcard = 0% Paper = Saving the planet